The Most Unexpected Gift

About a year ago, I had a meeting at my lawyer’s house. He is my lawyer and so much more. Our families have been intertwined for years. He is one of the few people that knew my mother and my father.His wife greeted me at the door and said she had something for me. She came back with a little box and a card and handed it to me.I opened the box–it was a broche. I immediately recognized it. It was a piece that she owned for almost 40 years. It was beautiful but that is not why it was special. The fact was it was made by my father many years ago.“I’m at the age when I am thinking about who my jewelry should go to”, she said. “I want you to have it”.I don’t wear much jewelry in spite of the fact my father was a jeweler. But, I have some pieces he made for my mother and with this precious gift another piece of family history has returned home.

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