Five Reasons to Purchase ‘The Pocket Guide of Tools’

There are many excellent books and materials on executive functioning. 

Read on to see what purchasing The Pocket Guide of Tools should be one of the resources your family has. 

  1. It is compact and easy to use. The Pocket Guide of Tools is a small, tabletop flip chart that is useful but doesn’t take up much space.
  2. It contains information that is useful. Each page contains strategies and tools that can be immediately used by students, educators and parents. 
  3. It helps to create a common language for students and their teachers/parents to use. The terms in The Pocket Guide of Tools are easy to remember and this increases the probability that the techniques will be implemented.
  4. There are tools and strategies for the areas of executive functioning that students need most to succeed including time management, organization, reading, note-taking, writing papers, and self-regulation
  5. It is only $18 which includes shipping in the continental United States. A low cost investment can be one of the determinants if more intensive help is needed.