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Hopping on the Tik Tok Trend: 5 Things I Would Never Do

There’s a trend on the social media platform Tik Tok called “5 things I would never do” where different professionals post about things they would never do based on their expertise and experience.

Here’s mine:

5 Things I would never do as an executive functioning coach:

#1 Sleep until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Unless you are a doctor, musician, or in another profession that works night shifts, starting the day this late is not in alignment with how most of society functions. It’s fine to have later wake up times on the weekends but more work days occur during daylight hours. Being a part of day to day activities starts with being awake and prepared to engage in them during typical daylight hours. 

#2 Not have self-care as a daily practice. We ask a lot of our bodies and minds each day when dealing with the demands of life. In order to perform at an optimal level, we need to take care of ourselves. Remember, we can’t pour from an empty glass–we can’t help others unless we are well nourished, cared for, and rested.

#3 Not spend time weekly, even daily, engaging in an organizational task. Organization needs to be part of routines. By sorting papers, putting materials back in their places, and straightening up work spaces, you are routinely interacting with ongoing projects, which can lead to an increase in your completion rate of projects.. 

#4 Not maintaining a written to do list. Your brain activity should be reserved for creativity, intellectual pursuits, and social engagement. Keeping track mentally of what needs to be done is poor use of mental power and is not efficient. Instead, spend time creating a list of 3-5 actionable items to complete, and keep the list handy for reference.

#5 Not having a daily schedule. Sure, it is great to have days with no schedule. But, most of us function optimally when we have time blocks to get specific things done. Create time blocks each day for work tasks, self-care routines, and household activities.

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