The Big Book of Tools

$25 Introductory Cost (Delivered Electronically)

The Big Book of Tools: Everything you need to manage your stuff, time and information for school and life is digital and designed for adults to be able to share with children, in a step-by-step manner, the key tools and strategies needed to become more successful with school routines. 

It includes 26 pages of executive functioning tools to help students need to be successful in time management, organization, scheduling, test taking, self-regulation and more!

The Big Book of Tools can be customized to meet individual student needs.


Available for Purchase

Revised Big Book of Tools
Revised Pocket Guide of Tools

The Pocket Guide of Tools

$25 (includes shipping)

  • Condensed version of the Big Book of Tools designed to highlight key tools and strategies
  • Specifically designed for direct student use and can also be a handy reference for adults
  • 18 pages of key executive functioning tools and strategies
  • Unique table top flip book (7″x5″) that can be placed on desktop or on a workstation.