Educator Coaching & Consultation

Do you feel immense satisfaction when a student has that “I get it” moment?”

Could you help a student excel further if you had more time 1:1 with the student?

Or, do you feel like it’s time to make a BIG change and own more of your own time? 

What if you could build a practice out of supporting individual students academically either part-time or full-time?

Would you be willing to investigate and learn more about what it takes to be successful on your own? 

Michelle is an experienced educator who has worked with students, educators, and families on creating plans to address concerns and monitor student progress.  Michelle helps experienced educators take bold steps to create tutoring and educational support businesses that thrive.

Michelle can in areas such as

Clarifying areas of expertise

Identifying ideal clients

Establishing protocols and procedures

Using social media for growth

Case Management