Standardized testing in the time of COVID 19…is this the beginning of the end?

High stakes standardized testing has been a controversial subject for some time. Those in favor of tests like the ACT and SAT believe that it is an additional data point to examine as more and more highly qualified students apply for colleges. There are professionals who specialize in the world of standardized testing. They help students not only learn material that will be featured on the tests but also teach the ins and outs of reading questions, choosing answers, and work pacing. 

Many colleges are hitting the pause button on standardized tests like the ACT and SAT. This is welcome news to many parents and students as this type of testing is an additional source of tension and anxiety.

Why not shift the focus to make sure that young people that are college-bound have the tools needed for time-management, organization, test preparation, and self-regulation?  Why not allow teens to pursue a  non-academic passion? Why not allow for a bit more unstructured time to just think and be?  With change sometimes comes opportunity.