It’s time to go back to school! Here are 5 ways to control time so that time does not control you

  1. Schedules are vital. Make sure there is a written schedule so that everyone knows what will happen each day. Don’t forget to include family obligations and after school activities. 
  2. Daily “home” work times. Children need time each day to complete homework, read, study for tests, pack their backpack etc. Have a set time each day for these times and include these “home” work times on the schedule.
  3. Older children need time in their schedule to do “home” work on the weekends. They can still have plenty of time off but as children enter middle and high school, it is not always possible to get everything done during the week. These times should also be on the schedule. 
  4. Schedule downtime. This is the time that children can choose what to do. Everyone needs some downtime each day. 
  5. Pack backpacks and bags for afterschool activities/sports the night before. Nothing is more stressful than trying to get to school on time while looking for a missing cleat!

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