Tik Tok Taught Me

What Tik Tok Taught Me

I recently began using Tik Tok and creating content on its platform as a new way to communicate. For those of you who do not know, TikTok is a highly popular social media platform. The main purpose of Tik Tok is to create and share content. In addition, you can view content and watch short videos created by others. The inherent joy of using Tik Tok is that anyone can use the platform and its digital tools to share about their lives, opinions, and thoughts on a variety of topics. Like many other social media platforms, the user engages in scrolling through their feed which, over time, becomes more and more a reflection of the type of posts a user likes to see, etc. 

TikTok is not without controversy. It has an addictive quality and, as with other social media platforms, there are always concerns over exploitation, especially regarding children. Some countries have banned TikTok altogether citing security concerns.

So why would I join TikTok? 

Those who know me know that I consider social media one of the greatest blessings for my businesses. I have been able to share my messages, attract a following, and create connections with colleagues and potential clients. 

TikTok is different. It is “hot” right now and does appeal to a young audience. Many professionals have joined TikTok to share their knowledge and expertise. It’s a new way to reach others in a world which can feel confusing and dark. It’s a way to help others who otherwise don’t have or won’t connect to others. 

Read on for my top reasons for joining TikTok.

  1. A creative outlet. TikTok has allowed me to be creative in a way I have been unable to engage in for a long time. I create videos with the message, tone, and visual aspects that I want, and I can experiment with taking my creativity along with my expertise to new levels. 
  2. It’s risky business. Taking risks is not a bad thing and Tik Tok encourages me to take risks–to  get out of my comfort zone and engage with a camera in a way that is very different from how I run my businesses since I tend to stay behind the camera.
  3. Time to reach the masses. Not everyone has the ability to hire consultants or pay for support/coaching. Perhaps the content I provide can help someone else or serve as the prompt to get the help that is needed.
  4. A new way to engage others with my messaging. I typically deliver my content through writing. Success on Tik Tok is based on a combination of music, videos, key words, and visual effects so I can reach a whole other audience. 
  5. It’s intellectually stimulating. That’s right-it is intellectually stimulating. Not only have I had to learn how to create and edit my own videos; I have spent time understanding the algorithms for increasing views and engagement with my content. I have been engaging with the content of other creators as well. 

For me, being an active Tik Tok user is one more tool to grow my business and increase the awareness of my brands. 

Will I “go viral”? No, not likely!

Will I be able to get some sponsorships and increase the sales of some of the materials I developed? Maybe with time, and as my platform grows.

Will I be able to help others with my videos? I sure hope so!

So, if you are on TikTok, I hope you will consider following me @coachmichelle24. If you like my content, please like and comment!

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