5 Questions to Assess Your Child’s/Teen’s Managing of Time, Stuff & Information

October is a great month to look critically at your child/teen’s study routines to assess if they are setting themselves up for success or if alterations need to be made. 

Read on for five guiding questions. 

  1. Does your child/teen have regular “home” work hours during the school week AND on the weekends?

 One way to help ensure that work gets done is to have set study times. 

  1. Does your child/teen have an after school routine that allows for refueling, decompression AND also momentum? 

Children and teens need a break after being in school and also a plan to get work done. 

  1. Does your child/teen have the things needed to ensure school success?

Items such as highlighters, calendars, planners and working printers help with getting the work done successfully. 

  1. Does your child/teen have a plan for test preparation?

Success on tests doesn’t just happen. It is the result of time spent finding and organizing the material that the test will cover. 

  1. Is there a plan to address stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm?

Everyone gets stressed and feels out of sorts at times. Children/teens need skills and strategies to help with identifying these moments and a plan to get back to feeling calm and ready to learn

If this was helpful to you, you may want to consider the Big Book of Tools and or the Pocket Guide of Tools for more strategies to help your child deal with their stuff, time and information. Check out www.michelleporjes.org for information about ordering.