Five ways to help children wind down at the end of the school day

Even when we are tired, sometimes it is hard to wind down and get ready for bed. This is often true with kids, especially at the beginning of a school year. 

Read on for five tips to help your child wind down and be ready for a good night’s sleep. 

  1. Start the wind down routine earlier. This does not mean pajamas have to be on at 6:00 PM, but it does mean that taking a shower, reading two books and then lights out doesn’t always work either. Start the wind down routine after homework and dinner are completed. Allow for wind down to be gradual rather than rushed.
  2. Have a connection time each night. We are creatures that value a relationship. This connection time can be simple and unstructured. 
  3. A reminder of what we all know–technology stimulates the brain. It’s best to stop using screen devices 45-60 minutes before bedtime. 
  4. Take advantage of soothing opportunities–music, dim or soft color lights and an aromatherapy diffuser can create a calming environment.
  5. Practice intentional breathing with your child. Not sure what this is? Try these simple breathing techniques.

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