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How to Start Your Own Tutoring/Educational Support Businesses-Part 1

I am often asked about the nuts and bolts of starting a tutoring or educational support practice. Although there is no one set of guidelines, there are steps to engage in to maximize the success of tutoring or educational support businesses.

Read on for 5 ways to maximize the success of your tutoring or education support business:

Devote time to building your practice-a lot of it. There is more than just client time needed when establishing or maintaining a tutoring or educational support business. A good rule of thumb is to have about 25% of your work time devoted to behind the scene tasks (emails, writing, phone calls) in order to be successful.

Create a one-liner or tagline that makes it clear what you do. Stay away from technical words and jargon. Here is my tagline “I help clients manage their time, stuff and information.”

There is a saying that business-minded people use–“tell more people.” You should be telling people you know AND people you don’t know on a regular basis about what you do. You tell more people by having conversations with others as often as possible. One great trick is to never finish a conversation without asking “who else would you suggest I have a conversation with?”

Potential clients need to come from a variety of sources. It’s common to reach out to friends and family initially for clients. However, as your business grows it is vital to increase the sources for clientele.

Use social media to let others know what you do. Social media is a powerful tool to share information as well as generate client leads. Many individuals post once or twice when starting a tutoring or educational support business and then assume it is not working if there are no immediate results. Social media, like anything that leads to growth, takes time and consistency. Plan to post 4-7 times a week. Don’t focus on “likes” or comments. Focus on telling your story, sharing information, and asking your followers questions.

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